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What are Plushdamentals?

What are Plushdamentals
There may be no better measure of a Milwaukee man than the manner in which he dresses.
What are Plushdamentals, you question? It might be more appropriate to try to describe a color, or embrace a tornado. But if you must, Plushdamentals are baseball fundamentals taken to the Nth degree. If your knees aren’t skinned, if your muscles don’t burn, if the box score isn’t filled with triples, then you sir (or miss) are not playing, or living, by the Plushdamental creed.

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The pestilent birds dispatched. So it was foretold in The Book of Plushdamentals.
Old-world Plushdamentals. RT @crimmings: Used some #Plushdamentals to get to the top of Masada. Dead Sea in the bkgd.
The scholars were once blind, but today can see. So it is decreed: The heretofore untitled text is now called “The Book of Plushdamentals.”
And most heroically, in June 2011 A.D., this man and his people would strike down a volery of annoying and self-satisfied crimson birds.
This man would take bases three at a time, all in the service of a pennant-starved city. Much malt liquor would be consumed and spilled.