Prince Fielder: Milwaukee’s Big Bomber


After His 19th Dinger

UPDATE: Game 3 vs STL – Prince’s 2 run bomb (His 19th dinger) may give Milwaukee first place!!!! Miller Park is exploding right now, fireworks everywhere – Bernie is going berserk!

prince making burst of fireworksEveryone in Milwaukee admires our big slugger. Milwaukee has always had a few big sluggers on the team that automatically become the city’s fanfare. Back to Cecil Cooper, Jeremy Burnitz, Gregg Vaughn, Dale Sveum (he did have 3 homers in one game!)…their power stroke was very translatable to the iron’s city’s reputation (Milwaukee).

Lets celebrate our current hero, Prince, the Bomber, Fielder. This one is for you -> Big Bombs*
and Milwaukee’s Massive Explosions*

*__^ (We mean legal class c Fireworks)


prince-milwaukee-2010Milwaukee Brewers v Washington Nationalsmilwaukee-one-two-fireworks-punchall star fireworks gone wrong

Above 4: Prince at All Star Game (2010) and Braunie-Prince punchout – yeahhhhhhhhh!

Last 1 : Michael Burgess Avoids Fireworks- But he does not avoid having his name spelled incorrectly on his all-star jersey.

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