Milwaukee | Fireworks – Did you know?

Milwaukee firework stores in WI

The capacity of shots an multishot repeater packs is another variance that discern how a pyro would buy fireworks. It is common to see 500 gram repeaters bundled in as few as seven bursts, or can been seen in as many as 350 shots. Usually smaller the number, the more powerful the burst, and higher number aerials shoot two or more shots simultaneously in a zig-zag pattern.

…A well designed fireworks display will have a blend of both type to incorporate variations in there shows, offering viewers the loudness and awe of bigger bursts and the attention grabbing of simultaneous, higher shot aerial repeater. Firework companies strive to provide the best visual effects, such as willows, crackling flowers, chrysanthemum, palm trees, strobes, stars, swimming fish, pistils and more.

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